All drainage lines in your house or business connect to one pipe before leaving the building or structure. This pipe is called the main sewer line or main line. The main sewer line is usually a 4” or 6” pipe that takes all the wastewater from the building to the city sewer or septic system. From time to time this pipe can clog up and when this happens you will start to get sewage backing up into your home or business. Tree roots, feminine hygiene products, and wipes are the main causes of sewer backups.

If you have tree roots in your main line, there is a simple fix. Alto Sewer Service will run a cutting blade through the pipe to cut the roots out. There is a lot of water and nutrients flowing through your main line on a daily basis so keep in mind, roots are a living thing, they will keep growing back into the pipe. We recommend cleaning your sewer every year to two years to help prevent backups from tree roots. If there are any feminine hygiene products or wipes in the line we also will run a cutting blade to scrape the scale and rust off the sides of the pipe and to push the foreign objects out of the line.

Some sewers have settled overtime and develop a dip or belly in the line that holds water in a certain section of the pipe at all times. If this occurs, sediment, grease, and sludge can build up in these areas also causing a backup. For instances such as these, we can water jet the main line to use extremely high pressure water to blast the sludge, grease and sediment through the pipe.

We can run a video inspection of your sewer to see the condition of the pipe, where potential clogs could form, and see if you have any settling, cracks, or dips.

No matter what the situation Alto Sewer Service has the expertise and equipment to solve all of your clogged plumbing issues!

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